Bowden Audiobook Declares Living Life Well Is Much More Valuable Than Weight Loss

Filed under: New Product — @ October 20, 2006

This 3-CD audiobook is a how-to manual on living life better

The first audiobook in the Jonny Bowden trilogy I reviewed the other day entitled “9 Essential Steps To Weight Loss” dealt with the hottest issue of our day–how to overcome obesity and make weight loss happen.

That is an important subject in the context of health and getting your life headed in the right direction, but Jonny reveals in his second audiobook called “23 Ways To Improve Your Life” that there is so much more worth striving for in our lives than simply dropping a few pounds and he explains why.

When I saw the title of this audiobook, I was a little put off by the insinuation that Jonny was making assuming that I needed to make changes to “improve my life.” Who does this man think he is and why do I need any advice from him about changing my life? I’m doing okay and my life is going along very well thank you very much. What can I learn from a weight loss and nutrition coach anyway about ways to make my life any better than it already is, huh?

Okay, I’ll admit it. That kind of thinking was pretty dopey on my part, but I’m sure many of you are quite possibly thinking the same thing. What can Jonny Bowden teach me about myself that I don’t already know?

Hear me out on this, let me tell you something–you DO need to make some small changes in your life that will bring about enormous benefits to your health and wellbeing that you never thought were possible regardless of how well you think life is going. If I hadn’t listened to this audiobook for the past few hours, then I wouldn’t have believed it either! And if life sucks for you, then you REALLY need to listen to this 3-CD set!

Read more of my review of Jonny Bowden’s “23 Ways To Improve Your Life” by clicking here.


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