Ho Knows Contest Winners–CONGRATULATIONS!

Filed under: Television — @ October 20, 2006

Dan Ho knows how to make you happy–FREE BOOKS!

I was privileged to host a FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY contest earlier this week featuring the brand new release from Dan Ho in promotion of his television special on Discovery Health called “The Dan Ho Show.” So many of you entered for your chance to win the book “Rescue From Domestic Perfection” and I was only able to give away 10 books.

Sorry to everyone who DIDN’T win, but here were the winners who were chosen along with the area of their life that they would like Dan Ho to help them improve and make more simple:

1. Kent from Iowa

“I wish my responsibility in dealing with my kids’ functions and commitments were easier. I am spending Monday night bringing my boy to football, Tuesday is my eldest daughter choir practice, Wednesday. I teach Cadets (a Christian Boy Scout-like organization) for my boy, and my wife teaches my daughters GEMS lessons. On Saturday and Sunday, I spend my time preparing for and teaching Sunday school. On top of everything else, the school thinks we should have one hour extra per day to deal each of our four kids to help with their homework assignments. Trying to squeeze exercise in has forced me to resort to working out in the dark before work.”

2. Audi from New Jersey



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