Crawford’s Guilty Plea Proves The FDA Isn’t Looking Out For You

Filed under: Health — @ October 23, 2006

Most Americans probably have no idea who the commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is nor do they even care since they don’t think he plays any part in their lives. But most of us who are paying attention to news and information about health are painfully aware of how the decisions made by the FDA can have a profound impact on our lives more than we even realize.

Last year, I blogged about then-FDA commissioner Lester Crawford, a food safety expert and veterinarian, who had just taken over the reigns at the FDA after serving as acting commisioner for more than two years prior. I openly asked at the time if he was going to be a friend or foe to low-carbers and people who support healthy living.

Well, as quickly as he was confirmed, Crawford suddenly announced his resignation just two short months later and was replaced by Dr. Andrew C. von Eschenbach appointed by President George W. Bush. Crawford’s abrupt resignation was a shock to the FDA, but, as Paul Harvey’s signature line goes, now we know the REST of the story.

Crawford plead guilty earlier this month to charges of filing false financial disclosure forms and having several obvious conflicts of interest, including his wife owning stock in many companies that are under the FDA regulation–something the federal governments REQUIRES full disclosure of prior to employment. Even worse is the claim by Crawford that he had sold all the stock in those companies prior to taking the head position at the FDA, but that was found to be nothing more than a BIG FAT LIE!

Read more about why corruption in the FDA, which exists far beyond Lester Crawford, can directly impact your weight and health by clicking here.


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