Be Aware Of Triggers During Your Weight Loss

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ October 24, 2006

Today marks THREE MONTHS in The “30-In-30″ Low-Carb Weight Loss Challenge and I am so enthusiastically charged up about the changes that so many people are making through the low-carb dietary changes and increased physical activity they are implementing into their lives. People are STILL joining even now because they want to be a part of something that gets them excited and pumped up about losing weight and getting healthy.

Think about it for a moment. Back in August (or whenever you joined us!) when you first began this adventurous challenge, did you ever think you could REALLY do it? Come on, be honest. For most of us who have gone up and down and up and…well, you get the picture…with our weight, it’s hard NOT to be at least a little bit skeptical about whether this will work or not. In fact, some of you may STILL have your doubts about whether this is working even though you have lost weight or inches! What’s that all about?!

After listening to Dr. Jonny Bowden’s audiobook trilogy, including “9 Essential Steps To Weight Loss,” “23 Ways To Improve Your Life,” and “Change Your Body, Change Your Life”, I’ve learned so much about this process of weight loss and the long-term implications of making the right decisions that could have an effect on my life forever.

For example, Jonny tells the story about duckings in one of the CD sets how they are conditioned to making certain decisions about their life early on and that conditioning sticks with them for the rest of their lives. This is especially true of our dietary habits which we think we cannot change. Jonny explains that you should find NEW habits to replace those old ones and make the new ones pleasurable in your mind while making those old habits feel like pain. Actually, that’s precisely what I did with sugar!

I noticed this conditioning in action today when I was making my eggs for breakfast and had to move the food dish I serve the wet stuff in for my cats out of the way to get to a bowl. As soon as I set that food dish down on the counter, all four of my cats came running into the room towards me whining and rubbing up against me as if I was feeding them. They have become accustomed to equating the sound of the food dish making a noise on the counter with eating the wet stuff even if they have just finished eating some dry food. It’s amazing to watch!

So, what are our triggers like that, hmmm? What regular events happen in your life (like the food dish hitting the counter) that cause you to want to EAT EAT EAT! Click here to read more about this subtle, yet sometimes very real stumbling block to achieving weight loss success on your low-carb lifestyle.


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