Experience Jonny Bowden’s Famous ‘Diet Boot Camp’ For Yourself

Filed under: New Product — @ October 24, 2006

This 4-CD audiobook contains Jonny’s “Diet Boot Camp” program

The Jonny Bowden audiobook trilogy has been sensational so far, hasn’t it? From his “9 Essential Steps To Weight Loss” to the “23 Ways To Improve Your Life”, Bowden has really captured the essence of what works to not only help people lose weight, but to really bring about change for the better in every aspect of our lives. This is something sorely lacking among most of the so-called diet and weight loss products these days. THANK YOU, Jonny, for being a cut above the rest of the muckity muck out there.

Last but certainly not least among the three audiobooks offered by Jonny Bowden is the one entitled “Change Your Body, Change Your Life” featuring the famous two-week “Diet Boot Camp” developed by Jonny Bowden to help get people on the right track with their weight loss plan. But even before you can hear about the practical points on losing weight from that intensive and effective plan, Jonny gets you to start focusing on what the most important areas of change that need to happen in your life before you can embark on such a journey.

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