Try To Make Your Low-Carb Lifestyle Wildly Contagious

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ October 25, 2006

Do you sometimes get the feeling that everybody you know is livin’ la vida low-carb? Your family, your friends, your neighbors, people at your church–THEY’RE EVERYWHERE, THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!

It seems good news can travel fast when people discover this amazingly healthy way of eating for themselves and realize all the grave concerns they heard about it was nothing more than a bunch of jealous airbags with an axe to grind against the low-carb lifestyle for whatever reason!

One of my readers e-mailed me recently about this happening in her life. She said she enjoys reading my articles and reads them often for encouragement and information about low-carb living. THANK YOU! I’m happy to be a small part of your day. :)

She lost 75 pounds on low-carb and has kept it off for the past year. She proudly declared to the question about whether this diet really works or not with an enthusiastic, “YES IT DOES!!!”

“Not only for appearance but my general health is better than on any other eating plan I


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