Duh-Duh-Dietitian Ignorantly Perverts The Atkins Diet

Filed under: Atkins Diet — @ October 28, 2006

Dietitian Juliette Kellow is obviously not a fan of the Atkins diet

It’s that time of year again when those who think they know what diets people need to do and not do so freely share their opinions about what they think is healthy, nutritional, and safe. Of course, at the same time, they are just as eager to blab on and on about what diets they think are decidedly unhealthy, lacking in nutrition, and even allegedly dangerous. As I have said in the past, you should be very wary of any “expert” weight loss advice because the source may not be very reliable.

Furthermore, do I even need to tell you which ones a typical dietitian thinks are good versus the one ones that are supposedly bad? No, I don’t because the examples of the intense and bitter feelings against livin’ la vida low-carb have been evident with just about every dietitian who has ever written about or uttered an opinion on this amazingly healthy lifestyle.

Click here to see just a few examples of this kind of stupidity from these self-proclaimed health “experts” that I have highlighted at my blog. The concerted effort by these people to not just maim but completely destroy all remnants of low-carb from modern-day life is as clear to see as the protruding stomachs of a majority of the world’s population.

Well, even still we’ve got another dietitian and health columnist today from Mirror.co.uk who continues with the Atkins-bashing party. Her name is Juliette Kellow and her bio describes her as a “bright and bubbly” professional who seeks to help people lose weight with her “wealth of experience in health, food and diet.”

HA! What you will quickly find is that Kellow shares more of the same old garbage information about low-carb because it is simply mindless and ridiculous attacks against the low-carb lifestyle. Will these people ever grow up and get a brain for once? We can only hope…SOMEDAY!

In the article entitled “A Decade Of Diets But Which Should You Try,” Kellow gives her own personal lowdown on the most popular diets from the past ten years including Weight Watchers, The Food Combining Diet (never heard of!), Low GI Diet, South Beach Diet, Detox Diet, Blood Type Diet, Atkins Diet, and The Zone Diet. As you can see, half of these are considered “low-carb” plans. However, Kellow was not afraid to tell you quite explicitly which one she thinks was the worst among them: The Atkins Diet!

Click here to read a personal rebuttal by a special guest to the claims made by Kellow and what else she had to say about low-carb diets. WARNING: Blood-boiling anger about to ensue! :)


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