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Combining the format of Wikipedia with Atkins diet information

Are you a fan of the online information web site Wikipedia? Have you tinkered with it any at all to see what you could find on just about any subject you can think of? I know I have and it’s really a lot of fun, too! Sure, the information is not always 100% accurate since it is provided by anyone and everyone who thinks they know something about just about any subject. But it does serve as an excellent guide for people desiring to educate themselves better about a particular topic of interest.

Wouldn’t the Wikipedia format be great if there was one place where you could go to get all the Atkins/low-carb information you are looking for? Well, actually, that place already exists and it’s called Atkinspedia.


Just as the name suggests, Atkinspedia is an invaluable low-carb resource which I have listed under the “Low-Carb Information” section at my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Links” blog because it gives you the format of Wikipedia with all you ever wanted to know about the Atkins/low-carb way of life. Since its inception on July 15, 2006, Atkinspedia has always been “an encyclopedia/knowledge base that anyone can edit” as part of “an ongoing project to educate the masses on the Atkins Nutritional Approach and health as a whole.”

The popular Atkins All The Way forum sponsors Atkinspedia

I only heard about Atkinspedia last week while listening to Brian Z’s fantastic weekly podcast show which serves as an audio support for the members of the Atkins All The Way forum. Atkins All The Way is the sponsor of Atkinspedia and invites anyone and everyone to visit their site to not only use in their own research of livin’ la vida low-carb, but to also contribute to the growing database of information.

“Feel free to create an account and begin editing and adding articles at will,” the web site states. “You can’t break Atkinspedia so don’t worry about destroying the site.”

However, as enthusiastic as so many of us are about the low-carb lifestyle, they do ask that anything you add to Atkinspedia be written using neutral language so that others who are curious about Atkins/low-carb can simply read, learn, and decide for themselves about whether this healthy lifestyle change is for them or not.

“This will help people make up their own minds when reading Atkinspedia and it won’t be read as propaganda for the Atkins Nutritional Approach.”

More than anything else, the good people over at Atkins All The Way want you to “have fun” and “be bold” about making changes at Atkinspedia.

“You can’t break it, you can only make it stronger. It’s the indestructable encyclopedia.”

Keep checking back from time to time for new information as it appears on the site.

“Atkinspedia won’t be built in a day.”

No, it won’t, but you are well on your way with it. What an amazing resource for those of us who hunger for knowledge about Atkins/low-carb and seek to pass on our wisdom and experience to others attempting to learn as well. I highly encourage you to be interactive with the Atkinspedia because it will only make it better.

THANK YOU to BrianZ and everyone behind-the-scenes at Atkins All The Way for coming up with this awesome tool for low-carbers and potential low-carbers to become more educated about Atkins/low-carb. I can see this quickly becoming THE ultimate reference tool for anyone and everyone looking for information about low-carb. Visit Atkinspedia TODAY!


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