The American Diabetes Association’s Archaic Views On Saturated Fat

Filed under: Health — @ November 2, 2006

The ADA–it’s their way or no way at their trade shows!

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) has made great strides over the past year in their attitude towards supporting the low-carb nutritional approach as an effective means for managing and treating diabetes, especially since the release of this study at the annual ADA meeting in June. Carb-counting is becoming more and more commonplace with diabetes educational seminars taking place all across the country. The tide is indeed turning within the ADA.

However, their continued concerns over the subject of saturated fat remain intact despite new data confirming the healthy benefits of consuming it and even the American Heart Association (AHA) changing their guidelines earlier this year to allow up to 7 percent in their dietary recommendations. Nevertheless, the ADA won’t budge from wanting less than 2g saturated fat which is a major reason why we are no closer to a cure for this disease and why we’ll stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Confirmation of the undeniable fact that the ADA is still inescapably fixated on saturated fat happened just last week when our friends who make those ever-so-yummy ChocoPerfection bars, a well-made sugar-free/low-carb chocolate bar made with erythritol and oligofructose (see my interview with company founder Mary Jo Kringas from earlier this week), were not allowed to have a booth at the upcoming ADA trade show coming to Denver, Colorado in April 2007 because they contained too much saturated fat.

Check out this back-and-forth twisted tale of selective research interpretation from the ADA by clicking here.


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