Vicious Hack Job Gets It Bad Wrong About Low-Carb

Filed under: Low-carb side effects — @ November 3, 2006

Vee Jefferson should be feeling mighty proud of herself right about now.

In the two years I have been writing about low-carb diet and health, never has anything caused more anger and disgust from my readers than this Augusta Free Press article about the low-carb lifestyle. I quite literally received a link to this article from nearly a hundred different people begging me to respond.

When I saw it earlier this week, my first reaction was to ignore it and move on. But the more I thought about it and the more people who kept telling me about it, I changed my mind and decided to confront Jefferson’s thoughtless column directly.

As a registered nurse for the past decade, she has been sharing others her wealth of wisdom about health. I think her patients should demand a refund of their money for her health advice because this woman is clearly delusional about diet and nutrition.

In her column entitled “Low-carb diets – some dangerous truths uncovered,” Jefferson immediately laid the groundwork for her attack against the low-carb lifestyle by declaring it as “a very unhealthy way to lose weight.” She adds that it is “dangerous” for reasons that go far beyond the high-fat content and added calories.

Here are just a few of her LESS inflammatory comments about low-carb:

“These are the diets that can kill if the dieter is not familiar with the dangers.”

“Low-carb dieters may not get enough fiber, which keeps bowel movements regular and reduces the risk of heart disease, some cancers and diabetes.”

“The truth about low-carb dieting is that you do lose weight. The first bit of weight loss, however, is water weight.”

“As you progress on the [low-carb] diet, you will lose some fat, but you will also lose some muscle mass. And let’s not forget that the heart is a muscle, too.”

“Ketosis is usually marketed to the consumer by low-carb diet advocates as being a good thing – a positive thing. I’m telling you now, it’s not.”

“Ketosis, left unchecked, can lead to very serious consequences.”

“When a person stays on a low-carb diet over a long period of time, one day they may notice that they are unusually weak. You need sugar FAST!”

“What’s the seriousness of very low blood sugar? You will eventually pass out, stop breathing, and die.”

“One thing I really want the person considering doing a low-carb diet to understand is how dangerous a muscle cramp can be. Your heart is a muscle! And what do you think happens if your heart starts to cramp?”

“If you do insist on starting on a low-carb diet, make sure you take a break from it at least every two weeks, by resuming a normal, healthy carbohydrate intake.”

GOOD GRIEF, somebody get this woman a valium or something! Click here for my personal response to each of these asinine charges by Jefferson as well as many others she brought up in what has got to be described as the most vicious hack job against the low-carb lifestyle ever!


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