An Awesome Low-Carb Cheesy Grits Casserole Recipe

Filed under: Low-carb Recipes — @ November 6, 2006

Wanna know the secret to making low-carb grits? Shhh, I’ll tell you!

If you grew up in the South like I have, then no doubt you have been exposed to the delicious sometimes breakfast, sometimes dinner food known as grits. No, not the Girls Raised In The South kinda grits.

I’m talking about the kind that is made from hominy (a type of corn) and you stuff in your mouth! Or should I say you USED to since these are now off limits on your low-carb lifestyle because of their starchy, high-carb content.

Well, not anymore!

Thanks to the good people at a company called Expert Foods, you can now enjoy grits again with their special ExpertExtras Grits Mix extender. What an amazing way to enjoy grits without all the unnecessary carbs. Happy days are here again in the South!

This cheese grits recipe hits the spot, too, for all you cheese and grits lovers! Special thanks to Low-Carb Connoisseur for sharing it with us today!


1 cup water
2 tablespoons ExpertExtras Grits Mix extender
1 tablespoon Quaker grits
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 large egg, beaten
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1 tablespoon butter
Salt and pepper, to taste
Pinch cayenne pepper, optional

Click here for the cooking directions and nutritional info on this truly Southern American dish!


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