Poor John and His “Friendbombing” Woes: Read This Entertaining New York Times Column

Filed under: In The News — @ November 6, 2006

Off topic again. Yikes, twice today.

It’s just that this piece from New York Times reporter and parent John Schwartz so utterly entertained me and cracked me up.

Pity poor John. His virtual snooping on his son got him into major “friendbombing” woes. Oops!

Just goes to show you: You better be careful when you put yourself out there on the Internet. It can open you wide open to being deluged by friendly people who really aren’t your friends. Ah, such is life on the Internet.

Speaking of the wonders of the World Wide Web, if you have sugar woes, you’re invited to join my free, online, international KickSugar support group, a supportive virtual “family” that aims to educate, help, and inspire you on your path to kicking or cutting back on those culprit carbs.

But, please, whatever you do, just don’t friendbomb us, or we’ll have to report you to The New York Times! LOL!


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