Review: Eat Well Be Well Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips With NO SUGAR ALCOHOLS

Filed under: New Product — @ November 6, 2006

Eat Well Be Well makes chocolate chips with no sugar alcohols

There are all kinds of sugar-free, low-carb products on the market today that are excellent alternatives to the sugary, high-carb offerings which dominate store shelves. While these healthier versions of our favorite foods will never supercede their carb-loaded counterparts in quantity, it’s nice to know these high-quality options are available for the discerning dieter.

But you may have noticed a rather conspicuous absence of one very popular baking item that has not been easy to find: sugar-free, low-carb semi-sweet chocolate chips that are NOT made with sugar alcohols such as maltitol. I have been begging companies to stop using this awful sweetener and to start using more preferred ones like Splenda and ACE-K.

Well, one company was listening!

Introducing the sugar-free, low-carb, and sugar alcohol-free Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips from Eat Well Be Well! Perfect for diabetics and low-carbers alike, these amazing chocolate chips will get you baking again in the kitchen just in time for the holidays. Available in convenient 8-ounce bags of rich chocolately-flavored chips that are loaded with nutritional goodness.

Each 2 tablespoon serving contains just 80 calories, 8g total carbohydrates, a whopping 7g fiber, only 1g net carbs and 1g protein. Made with chocolate liquor, polydextrose (a soluble fiber), cocoa butter, cocoa powder, soy lecithin, sodium bicarbonate, vanilla, ACE-K, and Splenda. These Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips from Eat Well Be Well are just what you’ve been looking for to cook up some chocolate chip cookies or brownies using low-carb baking flour like Carbquik.

So bake up some chocolate chip cookies or brownies with these great-tasting new chocolate chips! You won’t be disappointed. Stock up on your supply TODAY!


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