Say It Ain’t So: Bacon Halts Low-Carb Weight Loss?

Filed under: Low-carb side effects — @ November 6, 2006

Are you consuming a lot of bacon and not losing weight?

Courtesy of our friends over at The Weight Loss Daily Blog, I learned something new about the food that most people erroneously stereotype as the staple of livin’ la vida low-carb: BACON!

Although the idea that those of us who are on a low-carb diet sit around all day snacking on bacon, eggs and cheese is completely untrue, the popular perception by most uneducated people about this way of eating is that you should eat that way. That’s why the people who go on their own version of “the Atkins diet” are robbing themselves of the right way to do low-carb.

Because it seems the nitrates and nitrites that are added to bacon as a way to help preserve their color and protect against the growth of bacteria is actually the culprit in the added risk of cancer and those dreaded weight loss stalls.

Read more about how eating bacon could possibly be keeping you from losing weight on your low-carb lifestyle and that consuming lots of cured meats could be putting you at risk for cancer by clicking here.


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