600 Pounds And Healthy? ‘House’ Hits The Issue Head-On

Filed under: Television — @ November 8, 2006

November 7th episode of FOX’s “House” featured 600-pound man

Did you catch the November 7th episode of the hit FOX drama “House” which features the brilliant acting of Hugh Laurie in the role of Dr. Gregory House? My wife Christine absolutely LOVES this show and never misses an episode on Tuesday nights. She told me about the latest episode and said I should watch it with her after seeing the previews because it deals with an obese man who is admitted to the hospital with a mysterious disease that put him in a coma.

I’m so glad I watched this show because it was fascinating on so many levels. I really enjoyed the way they attempted to show that it is possible for overweight and obese people to be relatively healthy despite their weight. There was a time in my life when I felt that way about my health, even though I weighed 410 pounds. But the eventual damage I was inflicting on myself was going to catch up to me sooner or later! Thankfully, I shed 200 pounds and never suffered those consequences.

But this obese character REALLY reminded me of my brother Kevin who actually pretends to think he is healthy despite being on a handful of prescription medications and in and out of hospitals for the past six years with heart-related problems.

Is it normal to walk around as a 600-pounder thinking everything is peachy keen with his health? Why do people who allow themselves to get this big get so angry when people attempt to help them? Don’t they realize they have a problem that needs to be fixed?

The whole healthy obese debate was on display front and center in this “House” episode and it reminded me of the popular “fat acceptance” movement that so many overweight people have embraced as a way to avoid directly confronting their weight problem. Trivializing obesity by calling it a medical illness or disease, as was mentioned in the show, is yet another scapegoat that prevents people from losing weight. While you may not have chosen to get fat, doing something about reversing that condition is the responsibility of the individual.

Click here to learn more about what happened in this episode of “House” and the stance it took in the healthy obese debate.


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