Is Applebee’s New ‘Crispy Brick Chicken’ Low-Carb?

Filed under: Restaurants — @ November 12, 2006

Have you tried the new “Crispy Brick Chicken” meal from Applebee’s yet?

In Episode 3 of my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show” podcast last week, I highlighted this survey that concluded restaurants do not need to ignore the low-carb consumer because they are a growing group of customers who are beginning to frequent those restaurants who actively cater to their dietary needs when dining out. And it’s true, too! Some former favorites have been crossed off our list of restaurants we frequent because they refuse to provide flexibility with their menu to make it low-carb.

Unfortunately, not every popular restaurant chain has gotten the message that low-carb living is alive and well despite the claims it no longer exists. You will recall Ruby Tuesday removed their low-carb menu before the summer not long after scrubbing their phenomenal low-carb cheesecake from their menu at the beginning of the year. It’s too bad for companies like Ruby Tuesday who once led by example about how to meet the needs of the growing low-carb market. But not anymore and so low-carbers have stopped going there. That’s too bad!

Applebee’s banking on the star power of Chef Tyler Florence

However, I was encouraged recently when I saw a television commercial for Applebee’s touting their new “Huge Flavor” menu featuring celebrity Chef Tyler Florence from The Food Network who is helping the popular mid-scale restaurant chain spruce up their menu a bit with some exciting new meals.

There was one featured item from Chef Florence’s new menu in the TV ad that REALLY caught my attention–it was a plateful of chicken grilled up under open flames with a side of some leafy greens. My immediate thought was “Hey, that looks pretty low-carb!” It’s important to note that there was no mention of “low-carb” in describing this meal or any of the new menu items during the commercial. Hmmmm.

Because my wife Christine absolutely adores Applebee’s and Saturday was her birthday, I decided to surprise her by going there to celebrate. Not surprisingly, I just had to order the meal from the television commercial which I found out was called the “Crispy Brick Chicken.” It looked so good on the television commercial and also in the picture on the menu.

Would it live up to my lofty expectations for a low-carb menu item? Click here to find out!


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