An Interview With ‘Mindless Eating’ Author Dr. Brian Wansink

Filed under: Celebrity — @ November 13, 2006

Relax and have a drink with author Dr. Brian Wansink today

From the first time I was introduced to Dr. Brian Wansink back in July following his famous ice cream study, I knew this was a man I wanted to interview.

So when he released his book from Random House Publishers entitled Mindless Eating, a door of opportunity was opened and I had the privilege of meeting this man who believes our eating and drinking habits are much more than meets the eye–LITERALLY!

Go read my exclusive interview with Dr. Wansink right now and see what this man has to say for virtually anyone who is trying to lose weight.

Although many researchers like Dr. Wansink can seem to be a bit stuffy and dry, what I found with him is just the opposite. This is a man who not only enjoys the work he is doing, but he LOVES life and the people who live in it. He told me that he sincerely hopes people who have struggled with losing weight will be encouraged and enlightened by his book to hopefully shed some light on why they have been stuck being overweight or obese all their lives. He thinks he’s found the answer.

Let’s explore what those answers are in my interview with Dr. Wansink. Click here to read what he has to say directly to people on the low-carb lifestyle based on his years of research.


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