Book Review: The Spice And Herb Bible

Filed under: Review — @ November 13, 2006

Your resource for everything you want to know about spices and herbs

One of the great mysteries in life is how some people seem to have the natural ability to combine food ingredients to make the most delicious meals you’ve ever tasted. It’s the same food that everyone else prepares, so what’s the difference? Could it be those who excel at cooking and preparing meals have mastered the art of flavor by educating themselves better about what spices and herbs can do to the foods they make?

In my opinion, that’s EXACTLY what they have done and now you can learn the art of doing this too with The Spice and Herb Bible.

Ian and Elizabeth Hemphill are the spice and herb experts

Written by Ian “Herbie” Hemphill, an Australian man with over four decades of working in the spice and herb business, this hefty and colorful 608-page book is the most comprehensive book of information you will find on bookstore shelves today about virtually any spice and herb in the entire world. Who better to tell you about these ingredients to spice up your low-carb like than Herbie?! The man is a living legend in the industry and stands ready to share his wealth of wisdom with others.

Herbie has traveled all over the world to identify and introduce the most unique and exotic herbs and spices you’ll ever put inside your mouth. He knows his stuff too serving his customers at his wildly popular Herbie’s Spices store in Sydney, Australia.

Read more of my review of The Spice And Herb Bible by clicking here.


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