Sturgeon’s Law Podcast Gives Props To Low-Carb Living

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R. Francis Smith is the golden voice behind the “Sturgeon’s Law” podcast

It’s always great to come across new sites on the Internet that continue to educate people with information they can use as they go about living life. When I first discovered Sturgeon’s Law a few weeks ago, I was immediately attracted by the motto of this creative podcast show web site.

“90% of Everything Is Crud. This is the 10% That Isn’t!

Oh, I could tell already I was gonna like this podcast show from R. Francis Smith. A 37-year old married man from Oklahoma with the nickname “Random,” Smith presents arguably the most eclectic podcast show online today with Sturgeon’s Law. No subject is off-limits as he talks about virtually anything and everything that comes to his creative mind. It’s a well-produced show that will make you wanna come back often to see what he has to say next.

In late October, Smith decided to feature two subjects in an episode of Sturgeon’s Law that are near and dear to my heart on his podcast show–diabetes and low-carb. It was Episode #52 and included Smith’s list of the best links and resources for people wanting to learn more about both subjects. Go give the show a listen for yourself because it is jam-packed with helpful advice and reviews of diabetes and low-carb information. Click here and then press play. ENJOY!

The low-carb links Random provided included blogs by Dr. Mike Eades and Mary Dan Eades from Protein Power fame, Suzique’s amazing Low-Carb Lab, and my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog. Gee, THANKS Random! What a privilege to be named among that short list of highly-respected low-carb bloggers.

Random seemed to get a kick out of the name of my blog, describing it as the “amusingly named ‘Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb.’” Here are the rest of the extremely kind words he had to say about both me and my blog:

“Richard Simmons only wishes he had the enthusiasm, passion and energy that Jimmy Moore has. I bet he also wishes his clients had the results that Jimmy has having lost about 200 pounds now which he attributes almost entirely to the Atkins lifestyle–that is low carbs, good whole food choices, and a sound exercise regimen. Jimmy is literally half the man he used to be–the healthy half, that is–giving him the energy to blog about low-carb, interview experts in nutrition, health and exercise, and even write a book based on his experiences and the information he has gained by them. Jimmy Moore does an outstanding job balancing being an enthusiastic proponent of low-carb with giving fair and positive interviews with people like, for example, Dr. Dean Ornish, who simply does not agree with low-carb–even managing to find common ground on which to agree. Jimmy Moore, author of ‘Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb,’ is in my mind the rising star in independent and health media, at least as far as nutrition and weight loss goes.”

Okay, now I’m blushing as red as a beet! *smile* THANKS so much for those accolades, Random! Those were some extremely thoughtful remarks you made about the work I am doing to help spread the word about the low-carb lifestyle. I appreciate the honor you have give me with your comments about the job I have done to help educate and encourage others to get healthy the low-carb way. It is my simple goal to continue doing that as long as people are in need of information and inspiration about how to lose weight and get healthy. I expect bigger and better things to come…soon! VERY soon!

It’s always nice to be honored by one of your peers and I want to publicly thank Random for his podcast show about the subjects of diabetes and low-carb. You are a scholar and gentleman for arming your podcast listeners with information they can use to better themselves. Keep up the fantastic work you are doing and I wish you well in all of your future endeavors.

Can you help me thank R. Francis “Random” Smith for doing a show on diabetes and low-carb? E-mail him a quick note of thanks and praise at Don’t forget to listen to the show and give him your feedback, too! THANK YOU!!!


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