Book Review: The Omnivore’s Dilemma

Filed under: Review — @ November 16, 2006

This could very well be the signature book on nutrition in our lifetime

We Americans are a strange lot. While we are anal about micromanaging so many of the minute details in our lives–from our finances to our family vacations and even our work-your-fingers-to-the-bone jobs–that peculiar sense of sensibility is thrown completely out the window when it comes to our diet and health.

How many of us hurriedly zoom into the popular fast food chains to grab a quick bite to eat and oftentimes make that car seat and steering wheel our breakfast, lunch or dinner table? It’s almost become a prerequisite for juggling your life in modern times with balancing your job, your family, and everything that happens in between. It also is likely the underlying component in the current obesity crisis we are faced with in the United States of America today.

But let’s get back to our diet and health for a moment. Do people really know what they are eating from the foods they buy at the grocery store, in a fast food restaurant, and even from supposedly “healthy” organic food stores? Why are we so trusting as a society that the dinner we have prepared for our family is even remotely good for us? What’s in that boxed, canned or bagged food anyway?

These are just a few of the root questions that UC Berkeley-based investigative journalist and bestselling author Michael Pollan explores in his trailblazing book which took five years to write called The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals. I’ve had this book for several months and it has taken me this long to absorb the deeply profound message it has to offer. Reading this book will change you and hopefully shake you back into reality about the what you choose to put inside of you.

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