Living Longer About Behavior Modification, Study Shows

Filed under: Study — @ November 16, 2006

Dr. Bradley Willcox believes he has found the secrets to living longer

We all want to live a long and healthy life, don’t we? That why books like this one seem to attract people’s attention. Well, this new study tells you exactly what you need to do to live to be 85 or longer. Are you interested?

Lead researcher Dr. Bradley Willcox from the independent, non-profit Honululu, Hawaii-based Pacific Health Research Institute and his team observed 5,820 Japanese-American men from the island of Oahu with an average age of 54 when the study began and they were tracked for as many as four decades (1965-2005). Their health was regularly monitored at a series of examinations by the researchers.

Dr. Willcox and his team used the following nine major health risk factors during their study to measure their impact on the longevity of the men who were being studied:

1. Being overweight with a BMI of 25 or higher
2. Having high blood sugar, a precursor to diabetes
3. Having high triglyceride levels, a precursor to heart disease
4. Having high blood pressure
5. Having low grip strength by exerting 86 pounds of pressure or less
6. Being a smoker
7. Drinking three or more alcoholic drinks daily
8. Being a high school dropout
9. Never getting married

See how these behavioral and physical risk factors, some of which are taken care of by the low-carb lifestyle, can take away years from your life and what you can do to prevent that from happening by clicking here.


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