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Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ November 20, 2006

I love getting e-mail from literally hundreds of people every week asking me such mundane questions as “How do you do this Atkins diet thing anyway?” to more serious ones like “Can low-carb really help me lose 150 pounds?” Sometimes the e-mails make perfect sense while others…um, let’s just say I would need an interpreter to figure out what they mean. :-~ It’s a fun lesson in the dynamics of communication that I absolutely adore.

I’m here to tell you, I read EVERY SINGLE E-MAIL that people send me and try to answer them all as soon as I possibly can. Sometimes I feel the need to provide an elaborate answer while other times my response is shorter. But I do respond and gladly offer any help that I can based on my own experiences on the low-carb lifestyle. After all, this miracle weight loss on livin’ la vida low-carb was a gift from God, so who am I to keep others from experiencing their own blessing, right?

In addition to these questions that come in my e-mail box, I also get a TON of e-mails offering me thanks and praise for what I do at my the blogs and web sites I write for (Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb, “30-In-30″ Low-Carb Weight Loss Challenge, LowCarbNewsline.com, CarbWire.com, Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Links, CommonVoice.com, and The Quintessential Diabetes Links Resource blog) and with my podcast show. These e-mails are quite invigorating to read, especially if I have had a stressful day. And I get one of these at just the right moment to remind me why I have committed to doing what I do on a consistent basis.

My wife Christine, the sentimental woman that she is, keeps every single one of these e-mails I receive from you in a special scrapbook for me to look back on someday. She’s already up to three large notebooks full of them and there are no signs of letting up yet. We may have to create a “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” library! :D

Here’s one such encouraging e-mail I received from a brand new reader this weekend:

Hey Jimmy Moore!


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