Thanksgiving Tips For Serious Low-Carbers

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ November 21, 2006

It’s the week of Thanksgiving as we check in for Week 16 of the “30-in-30″ Low-Carb Weight Loss Challenge. Did you do well this week? Here’s my current progress in the challenge:

That would be NO CHANGE in my weight last week (still at my lowest weight of 215, though!), but that’s a good thing headed into Thanksgiving week. Millions of people will be stuffing themselves until they’re full and beyond on Thursday and then grazing all weekend on the leftovers.

Sure, the turkey and ham are good for you to eat, but what about all the rest of that spread of high-carb foods like dressing, cranberry sauce, homemade pumpkin pie, and so much more that we Americans have become accustomed to on Thanksgiving? Food, food, and more food is EVERYWHERE!


Don’t worry because we’re all in this thing together. Thanksgiving is an opportunity to prove to yourself that you have made this a permanent lifestyle change that you can and will live with for the rest of your life.

There’s no use in trying to conform to societal standards when you are trying to lose weight, get healthy and stay healthy. Who cares that everyone else will be shoving food in their mouths so fast they can barely stop and savor the reason for this special day of gratitude.

Click here to read about what I do to resist the urge to overeat on Thanksgiving and why it’s just not worth it in the long run.


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