This Is Why Diabetics Should Consider Low-Carb To Treat Their Disease

Filed under: Health — @ November 21, 2006

Those of us who use the low-carb lifestyle to control our weight and other aspects of our health know how well this miraculous way of eating works. We’ve seen the results in ourselves and in others, so naturally we are strong believers in doing this for the rest of our lives. Why wouldn’t we?

Many diabetics have also chosen the low-carb lifestyle to manage their disease despite the fact that groups like the American Diabetes Association are preaching a message of low-fat/high-carb dieting along with medication as a viable treatment option. This dependency on drugs and a failed diet have made the quality of life for diabetics a miserable one.

But as you will discover today, there are natural ways to control blood sugar and reduce your dependence on insulin injections. Simple changes in diet are providing people with diabetes the hope they have been longing for in search of a cure for diabetes. Have we known about this all along and simply ignored it?

Click here to see what Adam Campbell at Men’s Health magazine has written about the untapped diabetes solution found in the low-carb nutritional approach and find out who is leading the charge of this revolution happening behind-the-scenes stirring up internal debate in the diabetic community.

If you or someone you love has diabetes, this is a MUST-READ!


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