Jimmy Moore’s Brother Running Out Of Chances To Change

Filed under: Events — @ November 28, 2006

I hope this isn’t the last picture taken with my brother Kevin

My sister Beverly was so gracious to open her home up for Thanksgiving when she heard we were coming and that we wanted to surprise my brother Kevin. My mom had planned on going out to eat with my stepdad, Beverly and Kevin for turkey day, but my dear sister wanted it to be more special than that with us driving down to visit. She did an excellent job with the meal!

We didn’t have a whole lot of time together over the weekend because he had some odd and end things to do, but I was able to see my brother Kevin a little. As many of you know, he has had quite a year since being told by a doctor to lose weight or die. Despite this grim warning, Kevin has not lost a lot of weight yet and his health has paid the price.

I was very tempted to tell Kevin what he needed to do to shed those pounds and get his health in order. However, more than anything else, I just wanted him to know he was being thought about, prayed for, and wished well by countless numbers of people (mostly YOU!) who really do care about him and want to see him well. He wanted me to let you know he appreciates your concern and that he is going to try to do something about his situation. We can hope and continue to pray at this point.

Kevin is a 39-year old man who doesn’t need someone to hold his hand about what to do with his life. He alone makes the decisions about his life and he will have to face the consequences of his actions at some point. Hopefully he’ll have a “later” to get to it because he’s running out of chances to change.

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