Love Life Lacking? Weight Loss Will Help!

Filed under: Low-carb side effects — @ November 28, 2006

Weight loss is indeed a powerful thing that can transform your life forever for the better in more ways than most people even realize. Besides the obvious things like being able to move around better, feeling more confident about yourself, and just plain looking good, there are some other fringe benefits to losing weight that most people don’t really think about too much.

A friend to this blog and Director of Nutrition Information at Atkins Health & Medical Information Services Jackie Eberstein wrote in this Glee Magazine article about how weight loss can actually lead to better sex. You heard me right! Wanna spice up your love life? Then start shedding them pounds!

And it stands to reason, too. After highlighting this Duke research study last year that found skinnier sex is better than fat sex, I shared a few comments about how my 180+ pound weight loss on the Atkins diet has improved that area of my life so much more than I could have ever imagined. It’s amazing how being overweight can harm you like that, but it really does.

Click here to read more about how a little work towards losing weight now can produce an incredible turnaround in your love life sooner than you think.


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