Popular Low-Carb Magazine Returns Only Months After Ceasing Publication

Filed under: Publications — @ November 28, 2006

SheKnows LowCarb magazine returns with online-only presence

When January 2006 rolled around, there was only ONE low-carb magazine that had survived the media onslaught against livin’ la vida low-carb–LowCarb Energy. In February 2006, they changed their name to SheKnows LowCarb and even did a feature story on my 180-pound low-carb weight loss success. That was cool!

Right before the summer they announced they would be shifting the low-carb content to their Diet & Fitness magazine, but then Coincide Publishing suddenly pulled the plug altogether on low-carb in June 2006 thinking interest in that subject was long gone. In other words, no more low-carb magazines! Boo hoo!

So imagine my surprise over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend when one of my readers alerted me to the fact that SheKnows LowCarb was back…er, sorta.

While they are not bringing back the print version of this once-glorious low-carb magazine that struggled to be profitable enough to continue on earlier this year, the folks over at Coincide must think there is enough of a resurgence in the demand for low-carb information to provide some exclusive online content via their web site.

Click here to learn more about the return of SheKnows LowCarb magazine to the Internet and why I believe it won’t be nearly as successful as a print version of the magazine would be.


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