British Dietitian Amanda Ursell Creates Stunning Low-Carb Weight Loss Success

Filed under: In The News — @ December 3, 2006

Jo Heeley overcame her deep addiction to carbs to lose weight

This UK-based The Sun story about a singer named Jo Heeley and her amazing 84-pound weight loss should encourage anyone who has already decided or even thought about taking the bold step to give up their sugar and carbohydrate addiction forever. That fateful decision was what turned Jo into, as The Sun so aptly put it, a “sugar-free babe!”

At her highest weight, the 5’7″ tall Jo tipped the scales at 210 pounds wearing size 20 clothes that were getting tighter and tighter as she continued eating herself into obesity. It’s not difficult to know why her weight was shooting skyward either based on the excessive amount of sugary, high-carb foods she was putting in her mouth on a daily basis.

Here was a typical day’s meal for Jo before her low-carb lifestyle:

BREAKFAST: 2 Pop Tarts
MORNING SNACK: 2 Twix bars and a tube of Pringles
LUNCH: Bean burrito
AFTERNOON SNACK: Jelly sandwiches
SUPPER: Spaghetti with cake for dessert

Yikes! That menu looks pretty familiar! As you can see, Jo was severely hooked on sugar and needed to be weaned off of it as soon as possible if she was ever going to stop the upward climb in her weight. That didn’t really sink in until she saw the following picture of herself while singing that was her trigger moment that something needed to be done:

This picture changed the course of Jo’s life forever

But that was then and this is now thanks to some helpful low-carb dietary advice from an unlikely source: UK dietitian Amanda Ursell.

Click here to see exactly what changes Ursell recommended for Jo to do and how that has permanently transformed her into the radiant and beautiful woman she has become today.


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