Tadum! After 5 Years, I Received A Copy of My Finished Book SUGAR SHOCK!

Filed under: In The News — @ December 3, 2006

I wanted to share my joy with you today.

Around 1:30 this afternoon, I was just finishing having lunch with some friends at a reall cool macrobiotic restaurant when I got a phone call on my cell from Philip, who works in the building where I live. He told me, “Connie, you’ve received two really heavy boxes from Penguin.” That meant only one thing!

REVISED COVER W OZ QUOTE -  newsugarshock 10-23-06.JPG

That’s right. My first reaction was, “Oh my goodness, after FIVE LONG YEARS my book SUGAR SHOCK! has arrived! Wowie zowie!” I couldn’t even begin to describe to you my feelings of jubilation, anticipation, and anxious excitement.

But, then, soon afterwards, after I waded through holiday traffic, as I was hurriedly walking home, I thought, “Down, girl! Wait a minute, Connie, don’t get so excited here. Maybe it’s just Maggie (my publicist at Berkley Books) sending you just more bound manuscripts.”

Even so, still I hoped. However, I prepared myself for a letdown — I figured I might have have to wait even longer for this book that’s had a ridiculously long gestation period. Taking five years to get a book off the ground is almost laughable. Indeed, it’s taken seemingly forever to crank out this book and actually see it in print.

Anyhow, by the time I reached my building an hour or so later, curiosity had completely enveloped me. Let’s face it, suspense was mounting.

When I got to my building, I decided to forget impatiently waiting for Philip to bring my package upstairs. Instead, I bolted downstairs, racing into the package room to see what the stork had brought. (OK, I’m in a silly mood tonight!)

There, Philip showed me the two wonderful boxes. Never have I seen such tempting boxes! He said, “Look, it says `SUGAR SHOCK!” outside the box. When I heard that, I became seriously excited.

Together, we hurriedly opened the first box. And what a beautiful sight I beheld. I let out a loud whoop as I witnessed that, yes, indeed, after five long years, my labor of love and baby has indeed been published! Drum roll!

Look, it’s one thing to be able to pre-order my book on Amazon. It’s another thing altogether to see the actual finished product after all my hard work and challenges galore. (You simply won’t believe all the ups and downs I’ve had with this book, and I’ll certainly never share them here.)

It was truly amazing to me! I was holding a bona fide book in my hands. It was quite a surreal experience. My dream had come true.

What immediately greeted me upon seeing my bound baby is that it’s truly enticing! Seriously! I think this book cover will compete with a slick chocolate cake any old day! LOL! (Yeah, I’m quite slap happy tonight!)

Joking aside, the cover is simply dazzling. It has this snazzy, friendly metallic-blue that jumps out at you, saying, “Read me!.”

I’m excited! Read more fun copy about my jubilant day, here.


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