Turning A Waffle Maker Into An Essential Low-Carb Cooking Gadget

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ December 3, 2006

What can a low-carber do with a waffle maker?

Now that it’s December, you’ve probably already graced the presence of a shopping mall, retail store, or even the Internet to find that “perfect” gift for the special people in your life. It’s such a shame that it takes a once-per-year holiday like Christmas for us to FINALLY acknowledge our love and appreciation for those we care about through the giving of gifts. But better late than never!

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy receiving practical gifts that will help me maintain my low-carb lifestyle in new and exciting ways. The stereotype that livin’ la vida low-carb is boring is in my estimation more a reflection of the person who thinks it is boring rather than the actual diet itself. With just a little creativity and ingenuity, low-carb living can be quite enticing for anyone to do.

One of my faithful readers offered an example of this in an e-mail to me this week. She said she was watching one of those television shopping channels for entertainment purposes and one of the hosts of the show was featuring a waffle maker. Yes, A WAFFLE MAKER! As they cooked up these big beautiful traditional Belgian waffles with high-carb batter, you’ll never believe the low-carb creation they came up with next!

Click here to read more about how to use a waffle maker to come up with some flavorful and delicious meals for your low-carb lifestyle!


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