Report: Benzene Found In Diet Orange Crush In 1990, FDA Looked The Other Way

Filed under: Health — @ December 4, 2006

Was cancer-causing benzene found in Diet Orange Crush in 1990?

There’s some very disturbing health news that should especially concern dieters who enjoy drinking diet soft drinks. This column examines recently released documents concerning the Cadbury Schweppes company and their popular Diet Orange Crush drink.

You may recall the recent public backlash over the cancer-causing benzene being found in Perrier water which has caused sales of this product to plummet after 162 million bottles were pulled from the shelves. Now, a new report was recently released that reveal the exact same thing was discovered in 1990 when Cadbury found benzene levels in their Diet Orange Crush that were ten times higher than what was found in Perrier and exponentially more than the FDA was supposed to allow at the time. Cadbury quietly removed the drink voluntarily in five regions as a result of finding these benzene levels.

But there was no accountability in place to punish Cadbury like there was for Perrier over the serious nature of this violation and it is a problem that very likely still exists today, concerned industry observers contend. For the record, the Diet Orange Crush contained 36 and 52 parts per billion (ppb) benzene in two samples taken by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in late 1990 when the product was pulled and another preliminary sample showed as high as 180 ppb benzene. Compare this to the 11-18 ppb benzene found in Perrier water and you can see why some are concerned Cadbury got off too easy 16 years ago.

Read more about this public health cover-up conducted by the FDA and Cadbury with benzene in their products and the reason why it happened and may still be happening in many other popular soft drinks today by clicking here.


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