Have You Tried The XS Energy Drinks And Protein Shakes?

Filed under: Business — @ December 6, 2006

Two letters that define superior quality and low-carb excellence

One of the great things about being a blogger about nutrition and health is the fact that I am always coming across brand new products that can help people who are livin’ la vida low-carb and wanting to supplement their healthy lifestyle change with only the best low-carb food and beverage products on the market.

While there are a lot of protein and energy drinks that claim to be good for you, the truth is most of them are so loaded with excessive sugar and carbohydrates that you’d be better off skipping it than subjecting your body to an all-out carbfest! But the good news is there are some excellent products available that have removed the sugar while maintaining the excellent taste and high standards you come to expect from health drinks.

The brand name is XS and I had the distinct privilege of trying a few of their products recently. I must say how impressed I was not only with the very pleasant taste of these energy and protein drinks, but also the quality ingredients found therein.

Here’s just a brief review of each of the three products I tried:


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