Low-Carb Produces ‘Miracle’ 213-Pound Weight Loss

Filed under: Health — @ December 6, 2006

Lynda’s 213-pound change came after two decades of diet failure

Being fat for most of your life can create certain psychological issues that make it very difficult to think of yourself as being “skinny” or “thin.” Even after my nearly 200-pound weight loss since 2004, many people find it hard to believe that I still find myself some days struggling with FEELING like I am “normal” weight despite the fact that the mirror shows exactly that.

It’s an underlying obstacle to that highly coveted permanent weight loss success that the focus of today’s low-carb weight loss success story spotlight can most certainly relate with.

Standing at 5’7″ tall and weighing in at a morbidly obese 339 pounds not that long ago, Lynda was unhappy with how she looked in the mirror. Seeing that large woman staring back at her day in and day out obviously discouraged her and crippled her already bruised self-image.

Despite trying and failing on diet after diet for the past 20 years, Lynda still held out hope that SOMETHING was eventually going to work for her to shed the pounds that would help her break out of “hiding in a fat woman’s body.” Those prayers were apparently answered when she decided to turn to an increasingly popular low-carb program for help.

Click here to find out how Lynda was able to shed nearly two-thirds of her weight in just 10 months and change her life forever thanks to the “miracle” of the low-carb lifestyle.


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