Attention Shoppers: Guard Against Gift Card Fraud

Filed under: In The News — @ December 7, 2006

New reasons to avoid buying gift cards off of a rack like this

This isn’t exactly a riveting story about low-carb, health, weight loss or fitness, but I think you’ll be glad to hear about it since it very well could have a direct impact on you and your family, especially since it is something that is quite popular this time of the year.

It seems there is a conniving new gift card scam that criminals are using to play Grinch this Christmas season and it has become a major concern for the millions of Americans who are expected to spend a record $25 billion, or $116 per American, on gift cards for their friends and family this year. If you have paid for gift cards or are planning on doing it, PAY ATTENTION!

Here’s how the criminals steal the contents of the gift cards you purchase:

They mischievously approach a rack of blank gift cards like the one displayed at the top of this blog post and flip the cards over on the back to obtain and write down the redemption code number. Then, like dogs waiting to pounce on an innocent victim, these people begin checking online to see how much money they will have to spend once the cards become activated by an unsuspecting shopper. Purchases are then made at the retailer’s online store and the crook completely drains the balance of the card leaving some very unhappy people when they go to redeem their gift cards after Christmas.

This is a disgusting and hateful thing to do, but it is indeed happening this year. While this doesn’t work with gift cards for restaurants and other places that require you to present the actual card itself, it most certainly does work where the card is not required to redeem the balance. As long as you have the redemption code number, you can shop to your heart’s content on the Internet with it and nobody will ever know. Yikes!

If you’ve thought about giving a gift card to someone for Christmas this year, then you really should CLICK HERE and find out what else these criminals are doing to ruin the season as well as tips for protecting yourself from becoming a victim.


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