Last-Minute Low-Carb Christmas Gift Idea: ChocoPerfection Bars!

Filed under: Business — @ December 7, 2006

ChocoPerfection makes the perfect gift for low-carbers and diabetics

It’s been almost a year since I first experienced what REAL sugar-free, low-carb chocolate is supposed to taste like when I took my first bite of these incredibly amazing ChocoPerfection bars. Oh my goodness, from the very moment that creamy dark chocolate began to melt inside of my mouth the instant it touched my tongue, that’s all it took for me to be hooked for life!

My subsequent glowing review of ChocoPerfection bars then helped spread the word to other low-carbers who also fell in love with them. That’s exactly what ChocoPerfection founder Mary Jo Kringas evisioned when she started selling sugar-free chocolate bars for a living that people on low-carb diets and with diabetes could finally have their chocolate and eat it too!

Christmas is now a little less than three weeks away and what better way to honor that person who is livin’ la vida low-carb or limiting their sugar intake because of their diabetes than with a thoughtful gift of a box of ChocoPerfection bars. In fact, Mary Jo has wisely created a special “Send A Gift” page on her web site to make gift-giving during the holidays that much simpler for you to send ChocoPerfection to loved ones.

Place an order for a dozen bars in either Milk or Dark Chocolate or you can get a special two-dozen Best of ChocoPerfection gift package featuring 12 Milk and 12 Dark Chocolate. The choice is yours and they come already wrapped in a beautiful red Christmas gift box ready to be placed underneath the tree upon delivery. You even have the opportunity to write a special personalized greeting to the recipient of your gift! They really did think of EVERYTHING!

These gift boxes are so adorable that you’ll want to get several of them as gifts for anyone who could benefit from eating a little less sugar while still being able to endulge in decadent chocolate–that’s what ChocoPerfection offers! I for one would be THRILLED if I got a gift box of ChocoPerfection bars at Christmas or for my birthday on the 27th. :)

As always, you get FREE SHIPPING on every ChocoPerfection order shipped in the United States and ChocoPerfection now has what I believe is the strongest guarantee in the industry (even Hershey’s and Russell Stover won’t promise you this!):

You must be completely satisfied with the taste, smoothness and packaging of ChocoPerfection. Anything less than absolute love for ChocoPerfection will result in an immediate refund if you are unsatisfied for any reason at all.

With a guarantee like that, what do you have to lose with getting ChocoPerfection bars, hmmm? If you or your loved one tastes them and think they’re awful, then simply contact Mary Jo and tell her you want a full refund and it’s done. But don’t be surprised to find that you enjoy the entire box (not all at once please!) and then decide to order again. The ever-growing base of ChocoPerfection fans all agree these low-carb chocolate bars totally ROCK!

So, go ahead and “Send A Gift” TODAY! But when you place an order, make sure they send the bars to J-I-M-M-Y…LOL!


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