Weight Loss Coming Soon In A Nose Spray?

Filed under: In The News — @ December 8, 2006

Could a nasal spray REALLY be the weight loss miracle of the future?

It’s yet another day in this crazy, mixed-up world we live in, so who’s gonna step up to the plate with a proposed solution to solve one of mankind’s greatest problems–OBESITY–today? Gee, what a surprise! Why, it’s a pharmaceutical company, of course, with their pie-in-the-sky promises to find a “miracle” drug that will cure the “disease” of weight gain forever. Yaaaawwwwn! Wake me up when this is over. Er, oh, um…really, I can’t wait to hear about it!

First there were the anti-obesity pills. Then we had a vaccine that was going to wipe obesity off the planet forever. Now we have the latest and greatest obesity-fighting measure that’s ever been created–A NASAL SPRAY!

That’s right, folks, like a bad cold that just won’t go away, obesity is SOLVED with the use of a couple of squirts up the sniffer each day. Oh, but this isn’t just any old nasal spray, mind you. It’s one that has now been issued a patent (#7,138,107 if you want to look it up!) for the Boston, MA-based drug manufacturer Compellis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., who brag about creating “innovative medicines for obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.” Yippy freakin’ skippy!

The name of this dubious nasal treatment for obesity is the rather robotic-sounding CP404. That sounds like something you’d see walking around in a Star Wars movie to me! Actually, it’s ironic they use that number sequence after CP (Compellis Pharmaceuticals) because “404″ on the Internet is an error message that means “server not responding or file not found.” Hmmm, is this an omen of things to come for Compellis–their nasal spray “not responding” to obesity? Ya gotta wonder these things because eerie coincidences like this don’t just happen out of the blue. Be afraid, be VERY afraid!

Find out how this CP404 is supposed to help people lose weight (it’ll blow your mind!) and why this is yet another money-grabbing scheme by an opportunistic pharmaceutical company looking to make a buck by clicking here.


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