A Kiss Of Cinnamon In New Special Edition Sweetriot Flavor

Filed under: Business — @ December 9, 2006

The latest from sweetriot adds a touch of cinnamon to cacao nibs

Earlier this year, I introduced you to one of the most unique companies I’ve ever seen because they offer a product you can’t just go to the store and buy. In fact, I’m not aware of any other place where you can purchase what this company sells anywhere else. What is this company and their exclusive product? They are sweetriot, makers of the dark chocolate-covered cacao (ka-COW) nibs imported from 20 degrees of the equator in Latin America.

Unlike regular chocolate bars you buy at the store that are usually very highly processed and take away from the genuine taste of what chocolate is supposed to taste like, cacao beans are the original source of what is so wonderful about chocolate. You can read my review of sweetriot and find out more about these incredible products that just so happen to be quite low in carbohydrates and calories since you can only eat a few little pieces at a time because they’re so intense.

But I wanted to share with you a brand new product that sweetriot released as a limited edition flavor just in time for the holidays–they call it sweetriot flavor 70 cinn. If you missed my review of the original flavor 70 and the facial reaction I had to it, then here it is again:

“What in the world have I just eaten?! After a few sourpuss chomps on this flavor, I quickly realized this was not gonna be a flavor that I would enjoy since I do not like coffee. For people who like the taste of coffee, then you’ll love it, though. I drank about a gallon of water to wash that flavor out of my mouth.”

LOL! While I loved the milder flavor 50 (milk chocolate-like) and flavor 65 (dark chocolate-like), the flavor 70 was just too much for me. So when I received a tin of the new cinnamon flavor, I had two thoughts. First was OH NO, NOT FLAVOR 70 AGAIN! Second, who the heck eats cinnamon with chocolate? I’ve heard of mint chocolate, but cinnamon? EWWW!

I’ll try ANYTHING at least once, so I popped a few nibs in my mouth bracing to spit them right back out. But guess what? I not only didn’t spit them out, but I grabbed a few more and began eating them, too. This flavor was pretty incredible and pleasurable! WOW!

It seems the hint of cinnamon they use in the flavor 70 cinn is just strong enough to neutralize the coffee notes in the cacao while not being so overpowering that is rubs your tastebuds the wrong way. I was blown away by how good it tasted and would DEFINITELY order this flavor again!

All in all, a very different, yet satisfying flavor that has actually become my favorite sweetriot product now. :D I hope sweetriot keeps it around because they have a winner!

Perhaps you will decide to try sweetriot and then become addicted to it! Hey, that’s okay because these things are worth being addicted to. If so, then you might want to consider joining the riot club to have cacao delivered to your doorstep each month along with a complimentary sweetriot T-shirt with your first order!

If you want to share the gift of sweetriot with someone on your Christmas or other gift-giving list, then you can provide them with a nifty gift certificate or shop for yourself at the sweetriot online store. It’s time again to go on a riot!


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