‘Low-Carb Dave’ Where Are You?

Filed under: Publications — @ December 11, 2006

The beloved “Low-Carb Dave” has suddenly disappeared

A few weeks ago I was blogging and one of my most faithful readers suddenly popped into my head–Dave Koch, the 30-year old Australian man who calls himself “Low-Carb Dave.” I first introduced him to my readers in this blog post after seeing what a remarkable job he was doing following the Atkins diet.

In fact, I blogged about the 130-pound low-carb weight loss success that “Low-Carb Dave” had experienced as of July 2006 and he still had a lot more to lose at that point. In August, his low-carb blog, along with mine, were featured by CalorieLab as two of the best and WLTips.com tipped their hat to him for his incredible weight loss by featuring his success story in September.

Soon thereafter, I named “Low-Carb Dave” one of my low-carb movers & shakers of 2006 for making such an influence in the world of livin’ la vida low-carb. Weight loss was happening, people were being inspired, and hope was being spread to people the world over that low-carb had changed the life of this young man forever.

But then…silence. Where’s “Low-Carb Dave?”

Click here to find out what happened to “Low-Carb Dave.”


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