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Filed under: Publications — @ December 11, 2006

Click on the message button above and “sound off”

I’m all about sharing with you the latest technology in the world of blogging, so allow me to introduce to you the MobaTalk Comment System at the top of this blog post as well as in the upper right-hand side of my “Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb” blog.

What is this, you may be asking yourself? In short, it’s the latest and coolest way to give and receive instant audio feedback. If you ever wanted to TELL me something, then now you can in your own voice in real time. WHOA!

For those of you who are regular readers of my posts at Carbwire, you might want to try this new method just for fun. You have up to two minutes of audio to record directly from your computer microphone that will be immediately uploaded for everyone to access when they visit my blog. I’ll probably even respond to what you have to say with an audio back! :)

Is there something you want to say about a post I’ve written? MobaTalk it! Do you want to provide feedback on what you think about me or my writings? Share your audio comment!

It’s SUPER easy, too, and oh so much fun! In fact, I’ve recorded an introductory greeting above with the “Audio Feedback Click Here” link and you can even hear what others have to say, too. Double click on the names above to listen. You’re gonna LOVE this method of feeback, I know it!

Since most of you know what my voice sounds like from my podcast show, this is my chance to hear YOUR voice for the first time. How about it “Low-Carb Dave” from Australia? Can I hear that accent of yours? Or perhaps Newbirth would like to chime in with a comment or two? Gary, don’t be a stranger, will ya? That goes for the rest of you regular commenters and even you lurkers. This is your chance to let me know you are a reader.

So go ahead, give it a try! Let me “hear” from you TODAY…literally! :D


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