Review: SUGAR SHOCK! by Connie Bennett

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Connie Bennett’s book coming December 26, 2006–PRE-ORDER TODAY!

Tens of millions of people in the United States of America every single day willfully expose themselves to one of the most harmful substances that has ever been discovered. This stuff quite literally wreaks havoc on both your mental and physical health in a multiplicity of ways like nothing else and yet nobody seems to be sounding the alarm loud enough for something to be done about this dangerous substance before it claims any more victims.

Is it crack cocaine? No. How about the much-vilified fat? Uh-uh. Could it be alcoholic beverages? Nope again. This is arguably one of the most stealth public health threats in the history of mankind that has quite literally fallen beneath the radar of public scorn somehow while millions of people worldwide have fallen prey to its inevitable health consequences.

I’m referring to the sweet kiss of death known as sugar!

In the great debate over the healthiness of this white granular substance, there is one singular voice of reason that rises above them all. Her name is Connie Bennett and she has written the ultimate book on why people should be concerned about consuming too much sugar in her long-awaited debut book release entitled SUGAR SHOCK!: How Sweets And Simple Carbs Can Derail Your Life–And How You Can Get Back On Track! from Berkley Books (part of the Penguin Group).

With all the honesty of a woman who admits her once all-encompassing, head-over-heels love affair with sugar, Bennett implores her tremendous skills as a talented journalist to uncover some deep dark secrets surrounding sugar by digging into the great body of research and personal experiences of people who have been negatively impacted by it. What she discovers in the process could very well unlock the mystery behind so many of the health crises that plague our healthcare system today.

Incredibly entertaining and impeccably sourced, SUGAR SHOCK! will quite literally give you the “shock” of your life when you learn just how ruthless and unforgiving sugar can actually be on your health. For people who smugly proclaim that “it’s only sugar,” you might want to get yourself a copy of this book and see for yourself why there is cause for concern.

Read the rest of my review of Connie Bennett’s “SUGAR SHOCK!” by clicking here.


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