Ask Connie Bennett About Breaking Your Sugar Addiction

Filed under: Events — @ December 12, 2006

The holiday season and all the sugary temptations that come with it is here whether you like it or not. It’s a shame that Christmastime has almost become synonymous with gorging yourself on food, especially high-carb ones, but it’s true! No wonder so many people end up 10-20 pounds heavier come January when they resolve to shed those pounds they picked up during the month of December. AAAAACK!

Why not stop the madness before it starts by participating in a teleseminar call with “Sugar Shrew No More” Connie Bennett on Thursday, December 14, 2006 at 8:00PM EST. Author of the highly-anticipated new book entitled SUGAR SHOCK!, Connie has received overwhelming feedback from her KickSugar group about what to do to ward off those pesky sugar peddlers that come out the woodwork this time of year.

The teleseminar will arm you with ways to “politely put off those well-meaning hosts and hostesses.”

If you are concerned about overindulging at your Christmas party at the office or with friends or family in the coming weeks, then Connie provides invaluable tips and tools for knowing your own limits and setting the right boundaries regarding sugar consumption if you absolutely must do it.

“Bear in mind that some people can do this while others find that one bite of a dessert opens a can of worms,” Connie exclaims. “Well, more like a gallon of ice cream.”

Finally, Connie will share some ways to take the stress out of the holidays so you welcome in 2007 with a fresh outlook ready to take on the challenges of the new year.

Every participant in the call will receive a FREE GIFT worth $29 and there will also be a drawing for not one, but two “SUGAR SHOCK!” gift packages, including the brand new book coming out on December 26th!

Connie is soliciting YOUR best questions about sugar addiction and how to break it in a special web site. Hit Connie with your toughest questions and she’ll fire them down one-by-one come Thursday evening.

“I’ll make sure to talk about what you tell me you want and need,” she said.

As an added bonus, Connie is also looking for people to submit their most creative ways to “Say No With Sass” when someone offers you a sugary treat. Oh, that oughta be a LOAD of fun!

Go to to hear a personalized message from Connie and to submit your name, e-mail address, and question or comment. You will then receive an e-mail from Connie telling you exactly what you need to do so you can join the call. It’s that easy!

Get those sugar-shunning tips ingrained into your head on Thursday just before you go to bed. :D


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