Not Losing Weight? It’s Time To Celebrate!

Filed under: Low-carb Tips — @ December 13, 2006

Maintaining a steady weight better than the alternative

It’s Week 19 of The “30-In-30″ Low-Carb Weight Loss Challenge and I checked in with a 1-pound weight gain this week putting me at 217 pounds. Back and forth, up and down, my weight just refuses to break that 215 barrier for some odd reason or another.

Actually it DID break 215 late last week when I weighed 214 on my Friday morning weigh-in. But the weight came back up by the time I stepped on the scale today. ARGH!

Of course, this doesn’t bother me as much since I started using the “Google 15″ tool which gives a better representation of where your weight loss actually stands. But at some point I will need to break that 215 if I am ever going to reach my goal of 199. Now I’ve only got 11 weeks left to lose that last 18 pounds. It’s not impossible, but getting more challenging.

This whole thought process about being stuck on a particular weight got me to thinking today (I know, that’s dangerous!).

Why do we kick, scream and beat ourselves up when the scale remains on one particular number? What’s up with that kind of attitude just because the weight loss stops happening for a few weeks or months? We too often criticize ourselves and want to find fault in what we are doing WRONG that we hardly spend a single moment patting ourselves on the back for what we are doing RIGHT!

Click here to read more about why I believe you should celebrate even if the scale shows you’re not losing a single pound on your low-carb plan.


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