Too Educated For Weight Loss To Happen?

Filed under: Health — @ December 14, 2006

Citizens of modern society have instant access to all the latest technology providing news and information that they can absorb to learn about virtually any subject they want. For instance, hundreds of thousands of books, web sites, and articles have been written about diet and health with so many facts and opinions spliced together almost as interchangable entities that people don’t even know what to think about them. They get frustrated and simply rely on what they “know” is true.

Perhaps this explains why obesity is still such a growing problem…LITERALLY! We are potentially the most educated culture in the history of mankind with all the information we have available to us. But what if the very principles and ideas that we have long held as facts were not as true as once thought.

That lays the groundwork for what I describe as “educated ignorance.”

Take livin’ la vida low-carb, for example. How is it viewed by society as a whole? It’s a fad diet that requires you to cut out all carbs, including shunning all fruits and vegetables, while loading up on fat and protein as a means for losing weight. Why do people belief such nonsense about low-carb diets? Because that’s what they have been taught through their sources of information such as newspaper columns, television broadcasts, and the Internet.

What about low-fat diets? Do they have such a negative perception as low-carb ones do? Not hardly. It’s considered healthy, balanced, and the best way to shed the pounds because eating fat makes you fat, everyone knows that. We all grew up believing this to be factually true, undisputed information, right? Unfortunately, many STILL believe this even now, despite very clear scientific evidence that has proven and will continue to show fat consumption is NOT why obesity persists.

Click here to delve deeper into this concept of “educated ignorance” and why what we think we know might be holding us back as a society.


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