SUGAR SHOCK! Sneak Peek of The Day: New Feature Begins As Countdown Begins Until My Book Hits Bookstores

Filed under: In The News — @ December 15, 2006

My book SUGAR SHOCK! (already available for pre-order on Amazon) hits bookstores in another 12 days. In honor of the publication of my book after five years(!) of researching and writing, today I’m going to institute a new daily feature — it’s called the SUGAR SHOCK! Sneak Peek of the Day.

Basically, I’ll just highlight some tidbit from the book every day. Of course, I’m hoping that doing so will pique your interest in my book and inspire you to tell your loved ones about it — or better yet, buy this book as a gift for your loved ones.

Skeptical? No problem!

Wondering if my book could help you or your loved ones? Feel free to doubt my claim. Go ahead, be wary! I can understand that sentiment. (After all, I’m a show-me-all-the-facts journalist myself.)

So, please make your own decision. Determine on your own if what I’ve researched and written is any good.

Go ahead — sneak some peeks, starting today! Then see if you find some juicy nuggets, which, of course, I hope you do!

…Without further ado, here’s your fist sneak peek. Today, we’ll take a look at the definition that I’ve created for SUGAR SHOCK!

Go here to sneak your first peek!


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