Vegans Have Lower IQ Than Meat-Eaters, Study Shows

Filed under: Study — @ December 20, 2006

A rather startling study claiming vegetarians tend to be smarter, female, and have higher positions of authority in society than their meat-eating counterparts. Oh really! Let’s just see about that one.

Dr. Catharane R. Gale, Senior Research Fellow at the Medical Research Council Epidemiology Resource Center in Southampton, Great Britain, and her fellow researchers observed 8170 adults over the age of 30 who had participated as youngsters 20 years ago in the 1970 British Cohort Study to see what relation, if any, there was to being a vegetarian as a 30-year old adult with the IQ level of the participants when they were tested at 10 years old.

The problem with this study is that a “vegetarian” in this study does NOT include vegans who eschew all animal products, but it DOES include people who claim to be vegetarians yet still eat chicken and fish. HUH?!

Here are the IQ levels in each group:

- Meat eaters not in vegetarian group – 95.5% of the study – 100
- Vegetarian group without vegans – 4.3% of the study – 105
- Vegan subgroup from vegetarians – 0.1% of the study – 95

Why was NO DIFFERENCE in the IQ level of those who were true “vegetarians” and the “almost vegetarians” who ate chicken or fish. If it was the vegetarianism that made them smarter, then wouldn’t the meat eaters in that group score lower on the IQ test than their genuine vegetarian peers?

Also, what’s with the substantial drop in IQ of the vegan group–the most extreme kind of vegetarian there is? Actually, a vegan is nothing more than a vegetarian who chooses not to eat any food that comes from an animal, so why was there such a wide disparity in intelligence dipping below even the meat eaters? Isn’t that the REAL story of this study beyond everything else?

Click here to read more about this perplexing study claiming vegetarians are more intelligent and why the results are irrelevant in light of these discrepancies.


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