When Is A Calcium Supplement Unhealthy?

Filed under: Business — @ December 22, 2006

This supposedly healthy supplement gives you more than calcium

Yes, I LOVE my supplements and wouldn’t think of living another day of life without them. Even if they’re as useless to me as a placebo, the fact of the matter is they make ME feel better about my health. And that’s all that matters.

When a survey company qualified me to take part in a survey about supplementation, they asked me if I would be interested in giving them feedback about a specific product that they would mail for me to try–VIACTIV! Was this some kind of joke? I had never thought much about this particular supplement because it has a slogan that states “Active Nutrition for Women by Women.”

Ooooookay, since I’m not a woman, why would I take this supplement? Perhaps that was the purpose of having a male survey participant taking this product to see if they can branch off into the other half of the market to increase their portion of the revenue pie so to speak. Fair enough and I was happy to give them my HONEST feedback. They ALWAYS get that!

There’s no doubt in my mind that getting adequate amounts of calcium is important for anyone and everyone living a healthy lifestyle. Some people can get enough of it in their diet, but others of us choose to bump that level up with calcium carbonate supplements. So why not do it using a tasty chocolate soft chew, right? Sounds logical enough.

Well, there was just one problem with the Viactiv: the list of ingredients! As I do with ANYTHING I put inside my mouth these days, I turned to the nutritional label on this “healthy supplement” product to see what I would be ingesting. I immediately got completely bug-eyed at what I saw and decided right then and there that there was no way on God’s green Earth I would be taking these Viactiv chews for my calcium intake.

Why? Click here to see why people who are on the low-carb lifestyle as well as diabetics should NEVER take Viactiv Calcium Soft Chew supplements and the surprisingly ironic manufacturer of this product.


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