Low-Carb Blog-Tag Anyone?

Filed under: Events — @ December 23, 2006


Thanks to my blogging friend Suzique from the “Waisted In The Wasteland” blog as well as the “Low-Carb Lab” blog (who I recently named one of the Top 10 Low-Carb Bloggers of 2006 on my podcast show), I am now officially a part of an active game of blog-tag! Since it’s Christmas weekend and I’m game for having a bit of fun, I’ll gladly take Suzique up on this.

Here’s how it works:

1. Come up with 5 little-known facts about yourself
2. Post a blog with those nuggets of truth
3. “Tag” others to join in the fun

So, here’s my chance to reveal some deep dark secrets about Jimmy Moore. HA, as if! No, I don’t have too many things you DON’T know about me because my blog is a virtual open book into my life and gladly so. If it’s helping people change their lives by permanently losing weight, then my mission has been accomplished.

Okay, so what can I share with you about me? Hmmm…

Read the skinny truth about 5 things you never knew about Jimmy Moore by clicking here.


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