230-Pound Weight Loss Christmas Gift

Filed under: Health — @ December 24, 2006

Matthew used to hate Christmas before losing 230 pounds

It was so good to be back in my old home church today in Virginia Beach, Virginia while on Christmas holiday vacation with my in-laws. Seeing old familiar faces is what makes Christmas so much fun and today was no exception.

You may recall last year I told you about a friend of mine named Bob Tureman who had gastric bypass surgery over 1 1/2 years ago. When I saw Bob today, the difference was unbelievable! To date, he has lost nearly 150 pounds and still has a long way to go. But I am so proud of him and you could tell he feels so much better than he did.

I also got to see another friend from my church who had the gastric bypass surgery the week after Thanksgiving last year. When she walked in my direction today, I almost didn’t recognize her she was so skinny! WHOA!!! It’s funny, I was telling my wife Christine today that for the very first time I got to feel what it was like for others to see my weight loss difference and the “shock” of it all. LOL! GREAT FEELING!

There is one person I KNOW who is thankful for his weight loss this Christmas. His name is Matthew Vander Plow. This 33-year old Zeeland, Michigan native used to weigh over 500 pounds before he decided to finally do something about his weight in 2004. Today, as we are about to celebrate Christmas in 2006, Matthew is 230 pounds lighter. WOW!

He was pretty much incapacitated when he weighed that much, but today he is doing things he never thought he could do again in his life. Check out this video he made on YouTube:

Amazing story, isn’t it? Hanging those Christmas lights and sledding down a snowy hill must make it all worth the effort Matthew has put into losing weight these past two years. CONGRATULATIONS, dude! You are an inspiration and I’m so proud of you for changing your life forever! God bless you, my friend, and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you.

Be sure to check out more of Matthew’s Phattening Philms MySpace page. This man has a lot to share with a story that will help change the landscape of the obesity debate in America today. Keep on shining the truth in 2007 and beyond!

May all your Christmases be “light.” :D Get it…light…GRRRR! Merry Christmas!


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