Low-Carb Weight Loss Gave Hope This Christmas

Filed under: Health — @ December 25, 2006

I came across a story today about a retired man who literally saved his life from where it was on Christmas Day 2005 after he finally woke up and realized he needed an attitude change about his diet and health.

His name is Bob Carriveau, 65, who had actually reached the point in his life when he was thinking about giving away all of his belongings to friends and family last Christmas. That’s how bad it had gotten for him because life had become extremely miserable rolling around tanks of oxygen with him everywhere he went never knowing if today was the day he would die. Who can live like that?

Because of congestive heart failure, which needed surgery to help him survive, Carriveau was hanging on by a thread and simply unable to do even the simplest of tasks like walking short distances which would make him lose his breath. That was the miserable life he endured at that point.

Deep down inside, though, Bob Carriveau knew he needed to do SOMETHING about his ailing health or his thoughts about an early death would become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

And so he did and the results have been amazing.

Following surgery on his heart and a change in his medications, Carriveau also decided to make major changes in his diet and started exercising which helped him lose 50 pounds mostly in his belly, which has shrunk six inches in the past year.

Although the article I read about Bob’s story mentions that he “counts calories, avoids fat,” that’s not exactly true according to a quote from the man himself.

“Now, I look at nutrition labels,” he said. “I’m limited on calories and carbohydrates.”

Sounds to me like he’s watching his calories and CARBS, not the fat like the columnist contends. What an inspiring story of hope on this Christmas Day 2006 knowing that a life has been saved because of livin’ la vida low-carb!

Click here to read the rest of Bob Carriveau’s inspiring message of hope he has this Christmas because of low-carb living.


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