Your Holiday Gift is Ready! Sneak A Peek At SUGAR SHOCK! Now

Filed under: In The News — @ December 25, 2006

Tomorrow you’ll be able to get SUGAR SHOCK! in bookstores nationwide!

And today, finally, thanks to Judy, my very, very hard-working, dedicated webmaster, your Merry Christmas or Chanukah gift is ready — after considerable technological snafus! Indeed, because Judy was working this holiday weekend (is that sweet or what?), I’m pleased to offer a present for each and every one of you!

What’s your gift? Well, my forward-thinking publisher Berkley Books (part of the Penguin Group) and I are pleased to offer you a sneak peek at SUGAR SHOCK! Is that cool or what?

Here’s what you’ll get when you download your free virtual gift:

* The dedication page. (Fun to read, because you’re in it.)
* The Table of Contents
* My definition of SUGAR SHOCK!
* The foreword by renowned bestselling author Dr. Nicholas Perricone.
* Chapter 1 (Connie’s Story: Confessions of the “Sugar Shrew No More!” and How I Chanced Upon the Scary Sugar Truth
* Chapter 2 (Dr. Sinatra’s Story: From Witnessing My Mom’s Dangerous, Diabetic Blood Sugar Swings to Unmasking the Cholesterol and Low-Fat Myths)

Of course, I just know (OK, I’m hopeful!) that reading your preview will entice you to purchase SUGAR SHOCK! ASAP.

Go for it. Get your free gift. Sneak a peek now!


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